Leadership Atmore

What is Leadership Atmore?

Leadership Atmore is a program designed to develop the leadership potential in our community. This program, which is modeled after similar leadership development programs in the state, is sponsored by the Atmore Area Chamber of Commerce. It is self sustained through tuition, scholarships and corporate support and is governed by the Chamber's Board of Directors and a steering committee drawn from the community at large.

Leadership Atmore brings together individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences who have a demonstrated talent and commitment for leadership. Through this program, these individuals have an opportunity to become more aware of the dynamics of the social and economic changes which impact our community.

Through the face to face discussions with present leaders and experts from organizations and institutions that help to form the structure of our community, these specially selected individuals develop an in depth understanding of the current scene.

Through planned interactive experiences during eight day-long seminars, the participants broaden their communication and problem solving skills. These learning experiences form the basis for a distinctive group indentity unlike any existing development program.

Goals of Leadership Atmore:

Leadership Atmore is designed to identify, prepare, and build upon leadership resources within our community. The objectives of the program are:

To motivate participants to achieve their leadership potential.

To bring together participants and current leaders to discuss the present and future direction of Atmore.

To prepare participants to be effective professionals by sharpening their leadership skills.

To challenge participants to greater civic involvement in the community.

To examine programs and agencies that currently operate in Atmore.

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